Welcome to CC International Transport, Part of CC International Group.

We are a vtc that takes on the realism of everyday transport companies but in the virtual world of transportation.

We have a friendly team and are online 24/7.

We used CCI Transport and loved their time and professionalism when delivering our loads.


Our International Community

We haul both American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2, with a community of Drivers from different nationalities
we really are international!. We want a community from every region of the world so that our company can operate all day every day
with jobs being logged every few minutes. We have multiple partnerships so that you will always have someone to drive with.

Our Depots:

We have 4 depots so far, our USA Depot, our UK & Ireland Depot, our European depot & Our Newly Opened Australian Depot.
With each depot, we have a team of managers working behind it, managers that only work within that depot. It starts off with the Depot Manager, the deputy manager and then down to assistants. so no matter what there will always be a manager available to help you with everything.

Meet Our Partners: